Monday, June 11, 2012

Workin' out hard!

So… I’ve had a little change in my work out plan. Boot camp is REALLY far away. I decided to join the Gym by my house because it cost less than any other classes I could find. I know how those gym sales men work so I got in for a great price! I finished up boot camp last week and I also attended some classes at the gym. It was a busy week. They have a “boot camp” class at my gym and I start that tonight! I’ve got a print out of all the classes and I’m excited to be able to mix it up and still attend a boot camp class three times a week. I also met with a trainer (free for a day) and I feel confident in my plan that I’m keeping track of on my own. I used to think I needed to be accountable to someone to get in shape. I’ve determined I need to be accountable to myself. I also liked how the trainer told me I do not have as much weight to lose as I thought! That was nice to hear! Anyway, the plan is in place and I’m working hard to get in better shape and I have ONE WEEK left of school!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Stretch and Breath (day 3)

Boot camp again…  love learning what I am learning. We have done something different each class I have been to. Today we did a whole hour of stretching…. It was intense. I for sure feel my hips and calves are insanely stretched. We have had a substitute teacher until this class and the normal teacher is a bit abrasive. The substitute was super bubbly and nice and the normal teacher well is not. She know a lot and it’s great to learn from her but I for sure will be finding a different class to attend after this month. I had a hard time respecting the knowledge she put forth because of the language she used. I know it may seem typical to some but to me it was extremely vulgar. If I hadn’t paid for the class I’d be looking for something else to help me make my life change. I am looking at what to do after this month though. I’ve paid for class until the end of June and then I’ll be looking for another class. I’ve thought of a few different options…. Join a gym and attend classes there, do a bikram yoga class (2 week intro), or find something else. I feel like I need to attend classes so I can be accountable to someone. Suggestions? Maybe I should get a group of friend and we could do our own in home type class??? Any takers????