Monday, August 5, 2013

Flip a U

How to Properly quit your job!

So, I was having a conversation with a friend today about how so many people don't understand how important ending your job properly is. In the off chance that someone doesn't know this here you go! (Obviously there are some exceptions to some of these rules but in general these rules apply!)

#1 If you provide for yourself or someone else don't quit without a new job lined up. Not just a job idea or interview but an actually start date for a new job. It can take months to find a new job and unless you have a healthy savings it isn't wise to just quit because you don't like your job! 

#2 You're not Donald Trump, give a two week notice! This is vital if you plan to use them as a reference. Also, if you think you may ever want to work for the company again. Many companies will consider you non-rehire-able if you don't give two weeks! This also reflects to your new employer what kind of a person you are (reliable, respectful, trustworthy, etc.)! 

#3 BE RESPECTFUL, always give a typed letter to your boss. Use kind words when handing in the letter! 

#4 Ask for a reference letter. This will allow you to kindly ask your manager to write what kind of employee you are. This also gives you contact info when references are needed! Some jobs require these and if you already have them it make life much easier down the road! 

#5 Finally, Although you may be ready to move on continue to work hard during your last two weeks! Again, they will be a reference for you and you always want to finish strong!

Remember when you quit your job follow these 5 steps and you can achieve more successful career paths!