Saturday, October 19, 2013

Road Trip (and a permanent stay)

Well, most of y'all know our little family moved to Oklahoma for a great job opportunity that Alex got. This is mainly going to be a TON of pictures of the area. 

But first.... Why we moved. Obviously living so far from friends and family isn't the ideal situation, and I personally always wanted my kids to grow up around family. Well, Alex had a job loss and was working an okay job but he had a strong feeling we should move out of state. So we kept applying for other jobs in different areas. He got this job here in Oklahoma and came out in July to find out if it was a good fit. 

This whole time I was skeptical about moving but I also felt like Alex would know the best thing for our family. He loved the job, the people, the area, EVERYTHING! So, we started looking for a place to live here. It took over a month of searching for a place to rent and to find renters in our AZ house but at the last minute when we literally almost gave up we found both a place to live and renters for our house. 

On October 1 we moved into our SUPER RURAL home on 4 acres. The home needs work and I was sad at first because we put so much work into our other house and I felt like we were starting all over, but the home has grown on me. After being here a few weeks I too feel like it is the right place for our family! 

Now for picture overload!!

The drive to get here, Alex drove the truck with Boe. Alexy (my niece, she came to help), Daren, Skie, Edith, and I drove the car! 

The house.... 

The beautiful land... Our yard etc... 

What I see on my drive to "town" for groceries! (About 30 minutes)

The dogs LOVE the large yard!! 

Edith kept freaking out about going outside and we found these in the yard... Fresh deer tracks... I guess we know why she kept going crazy!!