Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hopes & Dreams VS Reality

Life is kind of a constant battle of hopes and dreams vs reality. I’ve been feeling withdrawn from reality lately because my hopes and dreams are not falling in line like I had hoped. Even when one hope or dream comes true there are other hopes or dreams to be met. We as humans want to fulfill ALL our hopes and dreams. For most people we can not have everything we hope or dream for. Some people have simple things they want and others have a more complicated list. No matter where we are in life it isn’t perfect. I remember thinking that once Alex and I got married all my dreams would come true. Thank you Cinderella. The first 6 months were great and I couldn’t have been happier. Once we got into normal life with trials and hard situations I didn’t feel so happy any more. We love each other and I am grateful each and every day that I am married to this amazing man. But, my hopes and dreams expanded after we got married. I wanted to have my own family, I wanted my kids to grow up around other family members, and I wanted the family life I had always dreamed about. I know once we have living children all our problems will not go away and that we will have new trials and new hopes and dreams. It has just been difficult for me to see the bigger picture lately. I also hate seeing my husband in pain and sad because of our trials. I hate that I feel at fault for his pain some times. I keep praying to have more hope and faith in our future. I hope we can all have more faith and hope in our individual futures.